Membership Services

Operated by KES International, the services the IKT provides for its members includes

  • recognition of professional standing and expertise
  • opportunities for publication through the InImpact Journal
  • opportunities to participate in research collaborations
  • occasional conferences in the Innovation through Knowledge Transfer series.

In addition, IKT members benefit from holding the status of KES International Silver Members which provides concessionary rates when registering for KES conferences.

Membership Grades and Recognition

There are four membership grades - Fellow, Member, Associate and the Affiliate. Applications are assessed on the experience, expertise and contribution made to the KT sector by the applicant.

  • Fellow is the most senior membership grade awarded by the IKT for outstanding professional achievement and contribution to the furtherance of the Knowledge Transfer profession. Fellows are entitled to append 'FInstKT' to their names.
    Membership fee £100 PA
  • Member is the grade for those professionals with more than four years experience in Knowledge Transfer. Members are entitled to append 'MInstKT' to their names.
    Membership fee £75 PA
  • The Associate membership grade is intended for those with less than four years experience in the field and wish to obtain professional recognition. This grade is entitled to append 'AMInstKT' to their names.
    Membership fee £50 PA
  • The Affiliate membership grade is intended for those who have an active interest in the field and wish simply to gain the benefits provided to the membership of the IKT.
    Membership fee £50 PA
  • Institutional Membership allows the fees of a number of staff at a university or company to be covered by a single payment. By this means the organisation can encourage the professional development of their staff. Email for further details.

Please note that only fully paid up IKT members are permitted to use the honorifics FInstKT, MInstKT and AMInstKT.

Membership Fee Payment

Keeping up your IKT membership enables you to continue to have your expertise and training recognised, and indicate this recognition it by appending the honorifics FInstKT, MInstKT or AMInstKT to your name.

Annual membership fees are due from 1 January each year.

Personal membership fees can be paid by credit card, selecting the membership grade and your membership number.

To pay for Institutional Membership, please email for an invoice.

Membership Grade
Membership Number and Surname

Please note that the IKT is operated by KES International and membership fee payments are received by KES International Operations Ltd, a non-profit organisation run for the benefit of its members.